With the Left’s racially charged narrative surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse shooting and killing two rioters in Kenosha crumbling, they’ve got to come up with a way to keep it from unraveling completely.

And Slate staff writer Mark Joseph Stern is up to the challenge. He’s getting out as far ahead of this thing as he can:

What’s actually sickening is that people are reading this thread and nodding along with it:

Were the violent men killed not bloodthirsty assailants?

There is literally nothing wrong or offensive about Erick Erickson’s tweet. If Rittenhouse was strictly acting in self-defense against violent assailants, he’s not the bad guy.

No, what’s delusional is suggesting that because Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t killed when he was bashed in the head with a skateboard, he wasn’t justified in trying to defend himself.

Show us where David Harsanyi is justifying murder, Mark. Oh, wait. You can’t. Because that’s not what he’s doing at all.

Bashing Rittenhouse’s head with a skateboard = “moderate force.”

A psychopath has definitely constructed a narrative here. And that psychopath is Mark Joseph Stern.

Once more, with feeling: