Get the impression that the media officially have the hots for Kamala Harris? We’re not sure what would give you that idea …

DeNeen L. Brown writes:

She was a warrior — the Harriet Tubman of Jamaica.

As Republicans question whether Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.), whose father was an immigrant from Jamaica and whose mother was an immigrant from India, is Black or even a descendant of enslaved Black people, they may want to consider the remarkable history of Nanny of the Maroons, a national hero in Jamaica.

Don’t worry, even though the rest of the piece doesn’t mention Harris at all, it’s still peppered with several photos of young Kamala Harris. You know, so you remember to make the connection between Kamala Harris and a Jamaican heroine. Even though it’s not really about Kamala Harris, it’s really about Kamala Harris. It has to be.

Oh well. Hopefully at the very least, WaPo is helping to mitigate the problematic-ness surrounding Harris purportedly being descended from slave owners.

Harris’ family background is ackshually not an issue in this case because her dad was born in the same country as a woman who fought slavery!

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