If you’ve been paying attention, Kamala Harris might not be eligible to be vice president (or president) because she’s not a natural-born citizen. At least, that’s an argument that some people out there are making.

It is, of course, a stupid argument. Kamala Harris was born here. She’s a U.S. citizen. She may be a whole lot of things, but she’s not ineligible to serve in American political office.

This bizarre — yet predictable — effort to undermine Harris’ candidacy has CBS News political reporter Grace Segers experiencing some déja vu:

Except no it doesn’t. Here’s the thing, Grace: while we did go through this ridiculousness with Barack Obama, birther conspiracies don’t just target Democratic black candidates.

GOP candidates have actually been dealing with this sort of thing for quite a while now:

And it does seem like Democrats only get up in arms about this stuff when it happens to Democrats.


Intellectual honesty just isn’t as hip as it used to be.

Anyway, we’ll leave you with this, because it’s important: