Any time we consider taking Jonathan Chait seriously on anything, we should probably just come back to this:

Oh, OK.

His work … could use some work.

So, the usual, then.

To be fair, Chait also argues that “the Senate’s arcane anti-democratic character enables extremism. By thwarting sensible liberal reforms, it emboldens left-wing radicals who paint the party as hopelessly inept, unable to deliver its promises, and unequal to the challenges of American life. If Biden’s Senate allies allow Republicans to thwart his promises, the left’s takeover of the party will accelerate.” So it’s not as simple as Democrats good, Republicans bad.

But this “Senate is structurally racist” BS is still BS. Every argument on the Left always seems to eventually boil down to “such-and-such is racist.” That cheapens the meaning of “racist.” And it suggests that those who make those arguments aren’t interested in thoughtful analysis.

Moreover, what people like Chait don’t seem to understand is that pure democracy is not the answer to America’s problems.

And Chait certainly doesn’t have the answers.