Great news, everybody! New Jersey has flattened the COVID19 curve! Just ask Politico:

We should all be more like New Jersey, everyone:

“Flatten” is a subjective term, when you think about it.

Well, you know. Things change.

Well, if you’re gonna get technical about it:

Does it count as flattening the curve if a lot of people had to die first?




That’s not how this works, Politico. That’s not how any of this works.

What makes Politico’s take extra-weird is that their article acknowledges that New Jersey had — and continues to have — issues when it comes to dealing with COVID19:

New Jersey, where 16,000 residents are believed to have died from Covid-19 since March, is serving as a test case of whether any state can really reopen safely. The experience could be a harbinger for states like New York and Connecticut that also clamped down early.

By Monday, spiking case totals forced New Jersey to scale back its economic reopening and officials worry that, without the public’s cooperation, things will only get worse.

Since starting to open back up in May, New Jersey kept its cases low — even as the virus raged across the Sun Belt — but that’s changed in recent weeks. Daily new cases went from 289 to about 500 during the month of July. Data suggests the bulk of the cases are in the southern part of the state, by the Jersey Shore, while the northern counties adjacent to New York that were hard hit at the start of the pandemic remain fairly quiet.

How on earth could anyone refer to New Jersey as “a model of how to flatten the curve” in light of what’s actually happened in New Jersey?