Over the past couple of months, Antifa and the Black Lives Matter organization have assumed massive roles on the national stage. While they make up a relatively small minority of Americans, they’ve grown into an entity often held up as beyond reproach.

That’s not by accident; it’s by design. As tweeter @MattsIdeaShop points out, there’s a method to their madness:

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves. Despite their outward semblance of chaos, both groups have demonstrated a knack for marketing. And that’s indeed brilliant in its danger and dangerous in its brilliance.

Nice try, but it doesn’t work both ways.

Well, because pro-lifers’ cause isn’t the correct one, in progressive society’s eyes.

Antifa has corrupted what it means to be anti-fascism. Just as the Black Lives Matter organization isn’t really about black lives mattering, but rather about pushing an unrelated progressive agenda.