Former Hillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon couldn’t wait to share this hot scoop from NBC News:

This is huge, you guys:

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats on Wednesday unveiled a new report on Republican efforts to pack the courts with conservative-leaning judges and the outsized influence of one conservative activist.

“Our report exposes a twisted web of dark money, and special interest groups who behind the scenes are investing millions and millions to plant ideological activist judges completely remake the courts, and ultimately rewrite the Constitution,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Or, rather, it would be huge. If it were, you know, an actual controversy worth getting worked up about.

Like NBC News and Chuck Schumer, Fallon evidently doesn’t know the difference between “court packing” and “filling judicial vacancies.”

The only thing Brian Fallon understands less than what “court packing” is might be how to use a mirror.

Tsk, tsk, Brian.

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