The Washington Examiner published an editorial today denouncing Donald Trump’s tweets about Joe Scarborough and deceased staffer Lori Klausutis as “vile slander” and blasting Trump for decidedly unpresidential conduct.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman had this take on the Examiner’s editorial:

Good point, Maggie. Wait, what?

Even the most diehard Trump supporter wouldn’t try to deny that Trump’s behavior here is something new. While “it’s just Trump being Trump” is by no means an excuse for his vile tweets, it’s nevertheless the truth. Donald Trump has always been this guy. Some people voted for him because of it.

And the media was there along the way, encouraging it.


Seriously, though. The media were only too happy to pour gasoline on the fire and hand Trump the matches during the 2016 primary season. They had a vested interest in pushing him because there was no way Hillary Clinton could possibly lose to a guy like Donald Effing Trump. The media loved him … until they didn’t.

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