Look: We get that Mika Brzezinski is at a point in her life when she has to pretend that she and her husband Joe Scarborough didn’t initially promote the hell out of Donald Trump when he began his presidential campaign.

But she might want to dial the outrage back a little bit.

Because this just looks desperate:

This is indeed the Age of Trump. And how did we get here, Mika?

She certainly didn’t.

Moreover, where’s Mika’s outrage over the deaths caused by Democratic politicians’ incompetence? New York State alone is a glaring example of Democratic “leadership” making wrong bad decision after bad decision. Donald Trump didn’t tell people to keep gathering in large groups despite a mounting threat posed by a novel virus. Donald Trump didn’t force nursing homes to take in COVID19-positive patients.

And when Donald Trump was expressing hope about re-opening the economy and getting people back to work, it was Mika’s fellow MSM firefighters who were complaining.

You can’t.

So yes, Mika. COVID19 has killed many Americans and many more are out of work. But attempting to lay the blame entirely at Donald Trump’s feet — and not even mentioning the Chinese government’s culpability in this crisis — demonstrates that your outrage is motivated by politics more than anything else.

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