In case you hadn’t heard about this, in a new FX documentary about Norma McCorvey, aka “Jane Roe,” McCorvey made a deathbed confession that her about-face from pro-abortion to pro-life was “all an act,” funded by the Christian Right.

Whether or not you believe that is up to you.

But GQ political columnist Laura Bassett believes it and decided to use it as the inspiration for her piece about the origins of the American pro-life movement:

Oh, she wrote about it, all right.

And you’ll know doubt be shocked to know that Bassett fell victim to one of the clathic blunderth:

Just a little problem.

Don’t worry, though. Eventually she realized her mistake:

She really regrets it, you guys:

As she wrote. What she wrote was wrong. What she wrote was stupid. What she wrote was the opposite of the truth and she didn’t care because narrative.


If the Left has the truth on their side, why do they feel so compelled to resort to lies?



Uh-oh, Laura …

Very hard, it seems:

You hate to see it.

Sure, Jan.