As Twitchy told you, Kayleigh McEnany took Chris Cuomo to the woodshed this afternoon over his mockery of Donald Trump professing to be taking hydroxychloroquine. McEnany pointed out that Cuomo — and his wife — had taken quinine, a “less safe version” that’s been off the market for years:

The Daily Caller’s Greg Price was all over Cuomo’s hydroxy-hypocrisy yesterday:

Chloroquine is a derivative of quinine. A derivative that, unlike quinine, is actually regularly prescribed as a treatment for certain conditions like lupus.

This story really is so very Fredo.

And there’s still more Fredo-ness where that came from. As Price also points out, Mr. and Mrs. Cuomo didn’t exactly go through ideal channels to obtain their quinine:

Uhhh …


Fortunately for Chris Cuomo, CNN has demonstrated over and over again that they’ll put up with pretty much whatever shenanigans he pulls.



Didn’t think it could get any weirder? Think again: