We’d like to think that China will suffer at least some long-term consequences for their role in the COVID19 crisis, but if they do, it sure as hell won’t be thanks to our media.

NBC News senior international correspondent Keir Simmons spoke with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace today about Donald Trump’s letter to the World Health Organization, in which he threatened to permanently freeze funding to the WHO and withdraw the U.S.’s membership. Simmons seems to think that Trump has demonstrated a glaring lack of leadership, unlike, say, Xi Jinping:

This isn’t Simmons’ first foray into propping up the ChiComs at America’s expense … and it likely won’t be his last.

That’s a, um, colorful way of putting it … but it’s pretty accurate.

Were they ever, really?



To the rescue! NYT white-knights for the WHO after Donald Trump hurts WHO’s feelings in scathing letter

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