As Twitchy told you yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper went after Donald Trump and his team’s “unprecedented smear campaign against rivals”:

Team Trump has absolutely gone low to take out political opponents. Which makes him … a lot like his own political — and media — opponents.

So, ackshually, this “unprecedented smear campaign” isn’t all that unprecedented. Moreover, unlike with Trump’s political rivals, Trump doesn’t have the media on his side this time around.

D.C. comms strategist Drew Holden — who’s been killing it with his threads exposing double standards on the Left and in the media — put together yet another damning thread reminding Tapper and the rest of us that the media have been not only participating in, but actively launching, smear campaigns of their own for some time now:

Buckle up:

Don’t forget about media darlings James Clapper:

And John Brennan:

The roles they were born to play.

But wait! There’s more:

Of course.

Seems more than fair.

Something tells us that Drew Holden won’t be letting them off the hook anytime soon.