The Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito recently spoke with Donald Trump, who sounded off on Joe Biden’s mental fitness (or lack thereof). Zito’s interview included this bit, which didn’t escape the attention of Bulwark contributor Tim Miller:

Wow, Tim. You got ‘im!


Or one of those circumstances where a Bulwark luminary willfully misrepresents something Trump says to score cheap points.

They always do this. Way to put the “bull” in “Bulwark.”

What Tim and his like-minded colleagues at the Bulwark seem to have trouble understanding is that it’s entirely possible to dislike Donald Trump without having to manufacture offenses. Plenty of members of non-“MAGA Twitter” are able to make that distinction. Why can’t Tim?

Seriously. Instead of saving his righteous condescension for situations in which Donald Trump actually says or does something ridiculous or stupid or offensive, Tim’s desperately throwing a big wet noodle at the wall hoping it’ll stick.