Over the weekend, Guy Benson looked into a check fraud charge against Tara Reade that could potentially impugn her credibility:

According to California court records, Tara Reade — the woman who has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her 27 years ago — was charged with misdemeanor check fraud just days before she left the then-Senator’s office in the summer of 1993.  The charge in question was filed on August 2, 1993, according to emails from an official working at the San Luis Obispo County court, obtained by Townhall (see updates).  A document posted publicly by Ms. Reade indicates that she departed Biden’s office four days later:

There is no evidence that her departure from Biden’s office was connected to the criminal charge, but the timing may raise questions about both the timeline of events, and Reade’s credibility.  This document provided to Townhall shows Reade’s charge was eventually purged from the public record, pursuant to California law.

Read Benson’s full piece here.

Earlier this week, Salon decided to cover Benson’s reporting. Which is fine on its face. The issue was how they covered it.

In their story, they impugned Benson’s journalistic integrity.

Unlike Salon, Benson did his due diligence.

It wasn’t just retracted; it was deleted.

But not for long:

Not that Salon would know fair and correct reporting if it smacked them in the face.


Being honest shouldn’t be this difficult, Salon. We’d tell you to do better, but you don’t seem capable of doing better on your own.

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