We know every day pretty much feels like an eternity now, but do you remember a couple of days ago when Hillary Clinton lent a hand in pushing Joe Biden’s conspiracy theory that Donald Trump (via Jared Kushner) would try to postpone the November election?

What Hillary failed to note — because she doesn’t give a damn — is that the New York Times conveniently omitted the rest of Kushner’s remarks, in which he flat-out said “it’s not my decision.” Fortunately, independent conservative journalist Jeryl Bier isn’t lazy like the New York Times (and Hillary Clinton):

Today, Bier’s back on the beat, and he found something pretty interesting:

Oh. Em. Gee. Clearly Jay Carney literally said that Barack Obama could mess with Election Day. It’s right there in black and white!


There should be no doubt whatsoever that if Kayleigh McEnany had said that, we’d still be fielding breathless shrieks from media firefighters.

Ha! Probably.

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