White House press briefings are back on, which means our media have ample opportunity once again to misrepresent what Donald Trump’s press secretary says. The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman took full advantage of that today with Kayleigh McEnany’s remarks on Trump and Mike Pence’s health:

McEnany indeed said that. But for some weird reason, Haberman left out the context:

Wait … you mean McEnany wasn’t just suggesting that reporters “celebrate instead of cover”?

McEnany’s waving off of concerns about the possibility of Trump and Pence getting sick isn’t the best look, and it’s hard to dispute that she could’ve answered the question better, but Haberman’s pulled quote makes it sound like McEnany just called on reporters to stop asking questions and just be grateful for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. And that’s not a fair characterization of what McEnany said.

There definitely seems to be a pattern at the New York Times when it comes to leaving context out of otherwise shocking remarks.

For what it’s worth, Haberman pushed back against McEnany’s criticism:

We can actually agree with that … but it raises a valid question:

If that wasn’t eight years of the media celebrating Barack Obama, we don’t know what it was.

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