In case you missed it, Joe Biden’s rapid response director Andrew Bates took a nasty shot at CBS News’ Catherine Herridge after she committed the crime of reporting on the list of Obama administration officials — including Biden — who had submitted unmasking requests for the individual who would ultimately be revealed as Michael Flynn.

Here’s Bates’ tweet again (which he’s since deleted):

For Bates to have deleted that tweet — a tweet he was no doubt very proud of — he must’ve gotten a lot of unexpected blowback. And we mean a lot. From average Joes on Twitter to CNN’s Jake Tapper (with an asterisk, of course) to … whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid. Zaid’s not the kind of guy who’s shown any inclination to promote a narrative that could benefit the Trump campaign, but even he was disgusted by Bates’ low blow:

It’s nice to see an avowed Trump foe call out the Biden campaign for bad behavior.

Would’ve also been nice if, unlike Tapper, he’d resisted the urge to compare Bates’ actions to those of someone from Team Trump.

Oh well. Hopefully at least Trump fans and foes alike can agree that Herridge didn’t deserve to be smeared.

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