We wouldn’t want to be Joe Biden’s staff right now. Lord knows they’ve got their work cut out for them. Having to explain away his incoherent ramblings and try to bury Tara Reade’s allegations is bad enough, but now they’ve got to deal with the revelation that Biden was among those who submitted unmasking requests for the identity of the man who would later be revealed to be Gen. Michael Flynn.

CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge’s tweet featuring the list of names has been blowing up:

And while media firefighters have mounted valiant efforts to spin this story away from the Obama administration and Joe Biden, this is one of those jobs that takes extra help. Fortunately, Joe Biden’s rapid response director Andrew Bates is ready and willing to lend a hand:

Ah, yes. Of course. This is Catherine Herridge’s fault.

And what a response it is.

Can you imagine if Andrew Clark, Donald Trump’s rapid response director, tweeted something like that about, say, Jake Tapper?

It’s so hard to keep track.

No doubt Brian Stelter’s retooling his entire newsletter to focus on this.

Stelter should be rallying the troops right now.





Bates’ tweet seems to have been deleted. So odd. What to make of that?

Herridge’s reporting always stood … it’s Biden’s campaign that’s collapsing.