Yesterday, Chinese telecom giant Huawei was pleased to announce an upcoming webinar on combating “the rise of misinformation” in America regarding COVID19 with the National Association of Black Journalists.

The webinar would feature prominent black media personalities like Roland Martin and Van Jones.

Well, we regret to inform you that the webinar is off:

From the NABJ’s press release:

NABJ has canceled a webinar scheduled for tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET, entitled “The Rise of Misinformation” because it has become a distraction from other priorities. It had come under attack because controversial technology giant Huawei was planning to sponsor the webinar though it had no editorial control. NABJ always retains editorial control over all such content along with final say over moderators and panelists. Huawei knew all of this in advance.  Additionally, Huawei officials were not part of the scheduled webinar. Seasoned journalist and CNN’s Van Jones was a panelist and NABJ’s Roland Martin was the moderator for the webinar. They were to be joined by panelists, musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and Dr. Ebony Hilton, a noted medical professional at the University of Virginia. They were all poised to talk about the purveyance of information regarding COVID-19.

“A distraction from other priorities”? Well, suppose that’s one way to put it … we’re more inclined to believe that they backed out in response to the blowback they received after announcing that they were teaming up with Huawei to have a discussion on COVID19 misinformation.

For what it’s worth, Van Jones thinks the NABJ made the right call:

That’s great and all, Van, but it’s also not terribly reassuring.

This is why it’s important to do your homework.

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