An important part of Conserving Conservatism™ is taking a stand against conservatives who have repeatedly shown themselves to be more committed than you to principles of conservatism.

So it makes total sense that the Bulwark would dedicate so much energy today to sliming GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw:

Retweeted by the Bulwark:

The most pressing issue of our time is that Dan Crenshaw has failed to sufficiently tear apart every single one of Donald Trump’s policies because Orange Man Bad.

No, seriously. They’re pimping the hell out of this thing:

Charlie Sykes, especially. He retweeted all of these:

Favorably retweeting guys like Jamelle Bouie and Tommy Vietor is a clear sign that you’re serious about Conserving Conservatism™.

That’s really what it boils down to. From Tim Miller’s piece:

In the story Dan Crenshaw tells himself, he sees himself as a good man, a rational man, a man who can make the world a better place by staying in it and fighting for truth and virtue. All of that may be true. But there’s just one catch: The price of admission is that Crenshaw must put one large, but inconvenient, truth in a box over to the side. And he must never open it, or even speak about it.

Because if he does, the insane, hateful idiot who leads the political cult Crenshaw belongs to will excommunicate him and force him out of public life.

So this is Crenshaw’s choice:

Say out loud the second part of the thoughts he holds in his head. And be consigned to exile with Mia Love and Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney and the others.


Fudge the truth about Trump and subject himself to the most devastating mental state he can imagine: One where he is helpless to stand up to someone who isn’t half the man he is, who is the embodiment of everything that he thinks is wrong with our society, who in any other circumstance he would regard with disdain. But have the chance to make a difference.

Basically, according to Miller and the Bulwark, Dan Crenshaw is nothing more than a self-promoting opportunist who has decided to hitch his wagon to a false political idol in the hopes of becoming a more powerful political player.

Sounds like the Bulwark’s got a serious case of projectionitis.