Doctors and nurses and restaurant workers and all deserve to be saluted. And what better way to honor their sacrifice than to do what “One Tree Hill” actress Hilarie Burton is doing?

Solidarity, y’all:

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The “silver lining” is literally growing out of my skull. For all of our frontline and essential workers who are too busy to fuss with things like hair color, I grow mine out in solidarity with you. When I see it, I’m reminded of all you’re doing to keep us safe. I’m reminded that you deserve to be taken care of. I’m reminded that any spare time I have shouldn’t be spent on vanity, but rather on helping our heroes. I can make 5 masks in the time it would take me to dye my hair. It’s a small, silly symbol. Gray hair. Who cares, right? But I hope the nurse or the vet or the store clerk who is feeling tired and overwhelmed knows that it’s a visible thing I can show that says “I’m with you”. #stayhome #protectourhealthcareworkers #protectouressentialworkers

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Wow, you guys. Wow:

“Beautiful words and love the grays,” Rumer Willis wrote, while Kate Walsh described her friend’s sprouting grays as a “halo.”

Burton is far from the only star who’s embracing their natural roots during lockdown. Sarah Silverman and Kevin Hart have both taken to Instagram to show off their silver strands recently.

Let’s all take a moment to honor Burton et al.’s sacrifice.



For what it’s worth, Burton is hitting back at the New York Post for choosing to focus on her salon “solidarity”:

See, that’s the sort of show of solidarity worth applauding.