Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy is very upset. And you know what? He has every right to be. Because Mitch McConnell is calling the Senate back to D.C. on May 4. And that’s a damn disgrace:

More from the Daily Beast:

According to two Democratic aides, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is expected to schedule a committee hearing for May 6 for Justin Walker, a federal judge in Kentucky whom President Trump has nominated to the influential D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

McConnell announced on Monday that the Senate would return to session on May 4 for its first full week of legislative business after the CARES Act passed in late March. And he has not been shy about his desire to start confirming judges as soon as his chamber is back in session.

“I haven’t seen anything that would discourage me from doing that. And as soon as we get back in session, we’ll start confirming judges again,” he told Hugh Hewitt in a recent interview.

Well, we certainly can’t have that, can we, Chris Murphy?

Yes, absolutely outrageous … that McConnell would want the Senate to get back to business.

Sorry, Chris. But at least you managed to confirm what we already knew to be true about you: