Remember a couple of weeks back when the New York Times “found no pattern of sexual misconduct by [Joe] Biden” (and then, of course, subsequently tried to stealth-edit their findings)? Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, was among the many who couldn’t help but marvel at the New York Times’ brazen bias:

For some reason, Miller’s April 12 tweets got the attention today of Cheri “Vote Blue No Matter Who” Jacobus who, naturally, attempted to make this about Donald Trump:

Nice try, Cheri.

If we were you, Cheri, we wouldn’t. You brain needs whatever oxygen it can get.

It’s sad that he had to do this, but Miller busted out one of Joe Biden’s own greatest hits:

Jacobus isn’t the only one who’ll never get it. Bradley P. Moss, an attorney who specializes in national security matters, also took issue with Miller bringing up Biden’s own words:

Excuse us?

Apparently on Pluto, no one knows how to read.

He literally is, Bradley.

We’d tell Bradley to quit while he’s behind, but he won’t listen anyway.

Here’s what this is really all about: