Michael Avenatti’s magnificence cannot be contained. Not even by a jail cell:

More from CNN:

Avenatti was released from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan around 11 a.m. ET, according to Dean Steward, one of his attorneys.

Avenatti is required to surrender to authorities and return to the jail at the end of 90 days, Judge James Selna ruled earlier this month when he granted the attorney’s request for release.

According to the judge’s order, an attorney will escort Avenatti on a flight to California where he will serve the 90 days of home confinement at his friend’s house in Venice, California.

A frequent use of Twitter, Avenatti will not be allowed to use the internet and he will be required to wear a monitoring bracelet.

No internet? How’s he gonna get his message out there?

If Michael Avenatti has anything to say about it, you bet!