Earlier today, we told you about Newsweek touting a “study” showing that Sean Hannity’s viewers are more likely to die from COVID19 than Tucker Carlson’s.

If you thought that was bad, wait’ll you get a load of Vox’s take:

And check out the subhed:

“Sophisticated new research.”

Zack Beauchamp — Mr. Gaza Bridge Guy himself — writes:

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, media critics have warned that the decision from leading Fox News hosts to downplay the outbreak could cost lives. A new study provides statistical evidence that, in the case of Sean Hannity, that’s exactly what happened.

Pause for bolded new section introduction:

And in conclusion:

It seems that people really do see media as a guide to some of their most intimate life choices. Given how much a certain segment of older, white, conservative Americans trust Fox, it seems very plausible that they took cues from their favorite anchors on how to handle the coronavirus outbreak.

For some Americans, that choice may well have been a fatal one.

No word from Zack on the effects of Vox repeatedly downplaying the gravity of the COVID19 crisis. Guess nobody thought to do sophisticated new research on that.

By the way:

This is a working paper; it hasn’t been peer reviewed or accepted for publication at a journal. However, it’s consistent with a wide body of research finding that media consumption in general, and Fox News viewership in particular, can have a pretty powerful effect on individual behavior.

This sophisticated new research hasn’t been peer-reviewed or published by a reputable journal, but it’s still sophisticated and valid because hey, it makes Fox News look bad. And that’s really the only important message here.


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