It’s generally our policy around here to refrain from crafting posts around randos. But every once in a while, a rando comes along with a take so scorching-hot, we feel that we’d actually be doing the public a great disservice if we ignored them.

And so, without further ado, say hello to @EmillySwaven, who has a scorching-hot take on the Karen “slur”:

Forgive us, Emilly, but that’s such a Karen thing to say.

It’s bad enough that Emilly actually believes this. But it’s so much worse that she thought she should share it with everyone else.

Ouch, Karen.

Now, before we wrap this up, we feel like it’s important to point out that as of now, at least, that tweet is the only tweet on @EmillySwaven’s timeline. Is it a parody account? Or just a Karen regretting being a Karen?

We honestly don’t know. But it’s so quintessentially Karen-y, we can’t help but feel like even if this Karen is a fake, there are plenty of Karens who legitimately believe that the “K-word is stronger than the N-word.”