Hold up, everybody. Nancy Pelosi’s got something to say:

More from The Hill:

Pelosi said Democrats remain insistent that a $500 billion allotment to help major industries must include greater oversight and transparency, and she hammered GOP leaders for their resistance to including billions of dollars for food stamps.

If Senate and White House negotiators are able to iron out those differences, she said, the House could accept the Senate bill and likely pass it quickly by unanimous consent, allowing the House to remain in recess.

But she warned that she’s ready to call the House back to Washington to move the Democrats’ alternative proposal, unveiled Monday night, if her caucus deems the upper chamber bill too favorable toward corporations while neglecting workers and lower-income families.

“The easiest way to do it is for us to put aside some of our concerns for another day, and get this done,” she said in an interview with CNBC. “If it has poison pills in it — and they know certain things are poison pills — then they don’t want unanimous consent, they just want an ideological statement.”

If we were Nancy Pelosi, we’d have trouble looking at ourselves in the mirror, too. But someone really needs to get that woman a mirror.

If Nancy Pelosi is really serious about ridding Congress of poison pills, well …



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