The Chinese government has a bit of a mess on its hands.

Thanks in no small part to their systematic campaign to clamp down on anyone sounding the alarm about COVID19 and refusal to acknowledge the truth, they’re responsible for the infections and deaths of not only their own citizens, but of people around world.

What’s a communist government to do? Why, blame America, of course:

No big deal, you guys. Just the communist Chinese media spewing bald-faced lies to deflect the blame once again.

Of course it’s disgusting.

But you know what makes it more disgusting? That so many of the self-proclaimed “Guardians of Truth” in our media are so willing and either to spread garbage like this.

They hate this country — and Donald Trump— so much that they’re actively siding with a brutal communist regime with literal blood on its hands.

If the U.S. doesn’t seriously re-evaluate our relationship with China after this, we’ll have learned absolutely nothing.