It was only yesterday when disgraced former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was shaming Donald Trump for “his race-baiting of Chinese,” aka his referring to COVID19 as “Chinese coronavirus”:

Well, today, she’s come to her senses and gained some perspective.

We kid, of course. She’s taking it up a notch:

Well, at least she gutsily said that the Chinese government “is not behaving well.” So brave.

The fact that Wolf Blitzer didn’t shut her down when she tried to draw an equivalence between swine flu and COVID19 just shows that CNN is as far up China’s butt as Rice is. COVID19 didn’t just originate in China; the Chinese government actively and systematically tried to cover it up, resulting in the illness and deaths of China’s own citizens and ultimately a full-blown global pandemic. The U.S. government didn’t do that with swine flu (though if Rice is looking to assign blame to the U.S. government, she should remember who was in the White House in 2009).

The United States government and the Chinese communist government are not even remotely the same. Susan Rice knows this and doesn’t care. Because like so many Democrats and members of our media, she’s a willing cog in the ChiCom propaganda machine.

We’ll remember.

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