This afternoon, Donald Trump held a decidedly sober press conference today with the White House coronavirus task force and members of the media. Included in the COVID19 discussion was the recommendation to avoid social gatherings of more than ten people.

Reuters accompanied their coverage with this photo:

And Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Epstein couldn’t help but be struck by something:

Whoa, guys. Trump is so busted!

Area firefighter is also a doctor!

Welllllll maybe not:

Guess that’s why WaPo’s Matt Viser deleted his, too:

We have to assume that’s why, anyway, because he didn’t tweet an explanation for the deletion. He did send out this:

Still gotta nail him somehow, right, Matt?

Thing is, even if the photo Reuters used had been from today’s event, it still wouldn’t’ve undercut the White House’s recommendation:

Lotta that going around lately.