It’s truly appalling when a Republican politicians invokes his or her religious faith in an argument. Does the separation of church and state mean nothing???

Well, you’ll all be pleased to learn that it’s OK when Democrats do it. AOC did it and look at how stunning and brave she looks:

We’re waiting for the outcry from the usual suspects. But so far, nothing. AOC’s (D) doubles as a halo.

Can you imagine the rage cycle that would be generated by, say, Steve Scalise invoking Jesus Christ during congressional proceedings?

But this actually gets more interesting, because AOC herself tries to go through the eye of a needle by invoking her “faith” while insisting that “the only time religious freedom is invoked is in the name of bigotry and discrimination.”

The same religious freedom that lets her practice her “faith,” whatever that is?

What we’ve learned here is that AOC doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously on religion, either, on top of everything else.