We’re smack-dab in the middle of a crazy news cycle. Debates, coronavirus, communist sympathizing …

Good thing The Hill is here to keep us focused on the stuff that really matters: Donald Trump’s diet.

“Report.” This constitutes a “report”:

President Trump’s former doctor reportedly hid cauliflower in his mashed potatoes in an attempt to improve the president’s diet.

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson told The New York Times that he regretted leaving his position before he could implement the diet and exercise regimen planned for Trump.

“The exercise stuff never took off as much as I wanted it to,” he said. “But we were working on his diet. We were making the ice cream less accessible, we were putting cauliflower into the mashed potatoes.”

Somebody get Adam Schiff on the line! Donald Trump doesn’t love vegetables? Impeach!

We don’t recall the media feeding frenzy over Barack Obama’s smoking habit, but maybe they were too busy licking his boots to see what he was doing with his hands.



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