Good news for everyone concerned that Bernie Sanders is a dangerous socialist with communist sympathies! Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. says there’s really nothing to be scared of:

Jackson writes:

Some already have started to frighten people about the label “democratic socialist.” Trump paints it as Venezuela or Cuba. Mike Bloomberg has called Sanders (and presumably Warren’s) views on taxing wealth “communist.” Voters are going to hear a lot more of this nonsense, if Sanders continues to build momentum or Warren catches fire.

Here’s the reality. The important word in “democratic socialism” isn’t socialism, it’s democratic. Sanders isn’t talking about making America into Cuba or Venezuela; he’s talking about extending social guarantees like those offered in most other advanced industrial states, invoking Denmark or Sweden. These countries have universal health care at lower cost, paid family leave, guaranteed paid vacations, higher minimum wages, more generous public retirement programs. They also have vibrant and competitive economies, lower inequality, less poverty, and higher life expectancies.

Call it capitalism with a conscience, democratic socialism, call it lemonade. It’s the substance, not the label that counts.

#NoLabels, you guys.

That’s basically the gist of Jackson’s argument, yes. Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist who has for decades praised brutal communist regimes, but we’re just supposed to ignore all that because it’s just labels or something. Bernie Sanders’ promises of Cuban-style programs doesn’t mean he wants to make America into Cuba! So call off the dogs, people.

Bernie Sanders himself owns the “socialist” label. He wears it as a badge of honor. The least Jesse Jackson could do is address Bernie as the socialist that he is.

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