As Twitchy told you, Joe Biden’s campaign has condemned Bernie Sanders for praising Fidel Castro’s brutal, murderous communist regime:

Weirdly enough, Biden seems to have forgotten that he didn’t mind when Barack Obama praised Castro’s Cuba, too.

Well anyway, Barack Obama’s former NSC spokesman (and van driver) Tommy Vietor isn’t happy about the Biden campaign’s statement:

It’s not clear whether he’s more upset that Joe Biden sort of threw his old boss under the bus or that Biden criticized presumptive Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders (who’s apparently winning the Pod Bros’ hearts), but what’s certain is that Vietor’s reaction is bad and he should feel bad.

What’s so “unfair” about labeling Sanders’ views as “anti-American”?

Sorry, Tommy, but praising murderous dictators and communist oppression is about as anti-American as it gets.

Just because the truth hurts, Tommy, doesn’t make it false.

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