It’s hard out there for a Principled Conservative™. Just ask Bill Kristol.

Now that he’s effectively burned his bridge to the Republican Party, he doesn’t have much of a choice but to try to appeal to his new group of friends, the Democrats.

To that end, he made a humble request this morning of Democrats, in the form of a heartfelt Twitter plea:

He’s right that the Democratic candidates suck. But we can’t help but find it hilarious that he thinks he’s in any position to tell Democrats how to proceed. Like Jennifer Rubin, Tom Nichols, et al., Bill Kristol was only too eager to help lay the track for the Democratic presidential crazy train, and now that it’s gotten away from him, he’s panicking.

Something tells us that Kristol’s pushing for Amy Klobuchar won’t have much of an effect on things. But bless his heart for thinking otherwise.

Pretty soon, no one will have any use for Bill Kristol. And he’ll have himself to thank for that.