As Twitchy told you yesterday, Bloomberg News reported that Michael Bloomberg’s campaign said that Michael Bloomberg is in “a two-man race for the nomination”:

Like many others who raised their eyebrows over that, Ted Cruz suggested that Michael Bloomberg’s ownership of Bloomberg News might be beneficial for his presidential campaign:

And for that, Democratic Rep. Andy Levin (with a retweet from Ilhan Omar, of all people), called Cruz anti-Semitic. That seemed like a golden opportunity for Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to step in and put a stop to that defamatory nonsense.

Instead, he jumped aboard the wagon:

Cruz’s “assertion” isn’t anti-Semitic; it’s accurate. No, Michael Bloomberg does not own The Media, but he sits on the throne of a massive, powerful media empire that he has used many times to his benefit. Cruz isn’t anti-Semitic for pointing that out.


Greenblatt should know better than to go after Cruz for this when there’s actual anti-Semitism running rampant.

We’re not suggesting that Elizabeth Warren’s comment is anti-Semitic, either, but what a difference a (D) makes.

For the record, here is Greenblatt’s most recent tweet about Linda Sarsour:

She had been a Sanders surrogate for some time by then. But no acknowledgment of that from Greenblatt. Weird. He doesn’t appear to have had anything to say about Sanders recently. Or Elizabeth Warren, for that matter. Greenblatt also has a history of defending Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from “bigotry.” So.