Thank goodness for socialists like Bernie Sanders working so hard to fight greed. The best way to fight greed, of course, is by taking stuff from other people.

Bernie Sanders knows this, which is why he’s still running on the promise to stick it to “the billionaire class”:

“End the greed” is just another way of saying “taking money we haven’t earned because we want it.”

Seems to us that the real greedy ones here are the people whose politics are the politics of envy.

Bernie Sanders seems to be under the impression that he’s a better person than Generic Billionaire because he’s just a mere millionaire who made his money and bought his three houses with a decades-long career in politics (and a bestseller, of course). But the truth is that Bernie Sanders embodies the very greed he claims to be against.

You want to end greed, Bernie? Then stop coveting what you haven’t earned.