As Twitchy told you last week, AOC recently filmed a spot for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in which she “[pledged] allegiance to the drag.” We don’t recall being terribly outraged about it or covering any conservative meltdowns over it (because we didn’t), but apparently there’s been a major conservative backlash against AOC specifically for promoting the show:

Oddly enough, neither of those sites found room to spotlight any of the tweets from outraged conservatives. Thank goodness for Media Matters:

MMFA’s piece cites tweets from six (six!) different accounts. Maybe one of those people (Mark Dice) had a tweet that sounded legitimately upset. Even Charlie Kirk’s tweet was pretty tame. The rest of the tweets range from snark to bewilderment. In other words, contra MMFA, there weren’t scores of “right-wing media figures” who “melted down” over AOC’s pledging allegiance to the drag.

@redsteeze, aka not that Stephen Miller, described by MMFA as a “right-wing media personality,” was among those featured in the piece, thanks to these two tweets (also featured in our post):

Some “meltdown.”

Well, to be fair, four MMFA hacks don’t ultimately amount to much, so four is actually pretty good, considering.