Tom Nichols is an Expert™, which means he never runs out of hot takes to share with the rest of us. Here’s one from yesterday:

Wow, Tom. Zing!

That’s certainly a plausible explanation. We’d like to add to it and suggest that Tom’s “just churning out Resistance madlibs” in the hopes that the Resistance will forget that he’s Tom Nichols and used to defend … Tom Cotton. You know, back when Nichols wasn’t trying to get liberals to like him.

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy went back a few years to find some of Nichols’ earlier tweets:

It’s a man’s prerogative to change his mind, of course. Tom Nichols apparently just changed his according to whichever way the wind was blowing.

Guess Tom Cotton was just no match for the love and respect of the Resistance. Too bad these days, nobody really respects Tom Nichols. And he tried so hard!