As Twitchy told you, Stacey Abrams is fully prepared to give up being Georgia Governor* if a Democratic presidential candidate wants her for VP. Because she’s generous like that.

Keith Boykin’s not the only one excited by the prospect of Vice President Stacey Abrams. Debra Messing also thinks it would be great, because not only is Stacey Abrams a fierce feminist warrior, but she’s also “brilliant” and “a moral authority”:

Show your work, Debra.

Aside from Messing just being straight-up wrong about Abrams being brilliant or moral, Messing’s not really in any position to comment on someone else’s brilliance or morality when she’s also defending people like Elizabeth Warren, who got to where she is by lying for decades and thinks we’re too stupid to recognize it:

So, Debra, with all due respect, maybe sit this one out.

*Abrams is not, in fact, Georgia Governor, despite her delusional insistence to the contrary.