Recently, Sarah Silverman went on a little Twitter rant about the dangers of trusting any media outlet other than newspapers for the truth about what’s happening in Donald Trump’s America. Because clearly the New York Times is the gold standard for honest journalism.

It would be nice if we could trust mainstream newspapers (“accountable — as if!), but as has been demonstrated more times than we can count, we just can’t. Since Silverman doesn’t seem to understand that, actor and conservative Adam Trahan explains why newspapers like the New York Times are not the solution to the Fake News problem:


Cable news is indeed a mess. But, as Trahan points out, Silverman’s argument is still terrible:

Sarah’s really not in a position to be lecturing Americans about separating fact from fiction, considering her own inability to do just that. If it’s all the same to her, we’d like to give our trust to those who deserve it.