As Twitchy told you, James Carville recently went off in an interview with Vox about, among other things, Democrats’ misplaced priorities and the media’s tone-deafness with regard to average Americans. The elitism radiated by Dems and their media fluffers will only come back to bite them come Election Day.

Well, for what it’s worth, WaPo opinion writer and American Prospect senior writer Paul Waldman thinks Carville’s the one who’s out of touch — with Democrats:

Wow, Paul. Great counterargument to Carville you’ve got there!

Carville’s right, but if your goal is to prove him wrong, maybe don’t trot out John Fricking Kerry.


James Carville may be obnoxious, but he’s correct about this stuff. And, unlike Paul Waldman, Carville actually has some experience getting Americans to turn out for Democrats.

Nice work, Paul.