At this point, it should be clear to everyone that Bernie Sanders isn’t the Democratic presidential nominee that the MSM want. Still, though, if they have to choose between making Team Bernie look bad and making Team Trump look bad, they’ll choose Team Trump every time.

Case in point, NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny, who sniffed out a conspiracy theory making the rounds regarding Pete Buttigieg’s relationship with Shadow Inc.:

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk indeed helped push the Pete-Shadow theory.

But if you’re only keeping an eye on him, you’re missing the others who are sharing the same theory. Others like … Shaun King:

Shaun’s pretty tight with Bernie Sanders, being one of his campaign surrogates and all. Bernie even wrote the foreword to his new book. And here’s Shaun, doing his damnedest one of today’s most prevalent “bogus conspiracies.”

Is Shaun King’s conspiracy theory peddling not worth keeping an eye on, Brandy?