Joe Biden may not be the worst of the current crop of Democratic presidential nominees, but make no mistake: He’s got problems. Plenty of them. And he should be prepared for his opponents — and especially Donald Trump — to point them out.

Unfortunately, Biden’s preparation evidently consists of getting pissed off at Trump for doing what any politician (including Joe Biden) would do:

C’mon, Joe.

Lord knows Biden has dealt with a great deal of loss in his life, and he has our sympathy for that. But the fact that Hunter Biden is his “only surviving son” doesn’t change the fact that Hunter Biden appears to have been involved in some pretty serious corruption. Joe Biden’s own hands are hardly clean.

Is it slander, Joe? Maybe if you and Hunter testify, you can clear this all up.

Democrats (and their abettors in the media) can try as hard as they like to wish this stuff away. But they can’t erase the fact that the Bidens come with a buttload of baggage.

Ignore the Bidens’ corruption at your own peril, libs.



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