Billionaires shouldn’t exist. That’s what lefties and socialists love to tell us. And they’re right. Who needs billionaires when they’re clearly good for nothing but taking up space.

Take Alibaba founder Jack Ma, for example. Ma has donated $14.5 million to help fund research on a coronavirus vaccine. And that’s just downright lame. Ask Gizmodo’s Matt Novak:

Novak writes:

Ma founded Alibaba, the world’s largest online retailer, and is often compared to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. And with Ma’s relatively tiny donation, we can now see the similarities in more ways than one.

Alibaba and Amazon both treat their employees like sh*t, their owners both own major media outlets (Bezos owns the Washington Post and Ma owns the South China Morning Post), and now their owners both give out relatively small charitable donations while they sit on billions of dollars.

Bezos, who’s worth an estimated $117 billion, recently donated $690,000 to help Australia battle its bushfires, the equivalent of an average American donating less than a dollar. How generous, coming from a guy who says he doesn’t know how to spend his money. Bezos and Ma would get along just swimmingly.

Ma, Bezos, and other billionaire philanthropists shouldn’t get to have a say in how they spend their money. Novak wants the government to decide:

It’s good when extremely wealthy people give their money to worthy causes, but you know what’s great? Taking that obscene wealth through taxes and spending it to make the world a healthier place for everyone.

We’re guessing Matt hasn’t pledged $14.5 million to help fight coronavirus — or for any charity — but Ma’s the greedy jerk who’s all about himself and not people in need.

Honestly, this crap is gross. Leftists love to smear anyone who has more than they do as greedy, but they’re the ones demanding everything. Ma is motivated by wanting to help stop a potentially fatal virus; people like Novak are motivated by envy.

Congratulations, Matt Novak. You are officially a piece of sh*t. As is any jackass who tries to shame someone who has more for not giving enough.