JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is not a fan of socialism, and he’s making that abundantly clear:

More from CNBC:

“I honestly don’t think they understand what socialism is,” Dimon told CNBC during a “Squawk Box” interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, referring to a question about millennials.

“Most state-owned enterprises don’t do a particularly good job,” he added. “You look around the world and they become corrupt over time. That doesn’t mean that capitalism is perfect. That doesn’t mean that every public company is perfect. No, there are flaws.”

Dimon said he did not want to address any specific candidates. But he said that socialist governments traditionally have done a poor job allocating capital and end up backing politically popular endeavors and “bridge to nowhere” projects.

“Once you do that, you will have an eroding society,” he said.

AOC no doubt took that as a personal affront (how dare you impugn socialism like that, Mr. Dimon!) but instead of whining, she opted instead for a witty comeback:

Too bad her comeback wasn’t nearly as witty as she thinks it was.

And really, what’s AOC doing complaining about government bailouts, anyway? What has she been doing if not insisting that the government pay for everyone else’s unwise decisions?