PETA literally has one job: advocating for the ethical treatment of animals. So how are they so consistently terrible at it? It’s bad enough that thousands of animals are killed every year at PETA’s animal shelters. But their Twitter game makes them look even worse.

Take this tweet of theirs marking National Milk Day, which is apparently a thing:

Fake news, PETA. Even militant vegans don’t believe that dairy products are gross. If they did, they wouldn’t have so many dairy substitutes out there. Calling it “soy cheese” doesn’t change the fact that they really want to be eating actual cheese. Because cheese is good. Animals don’t have to die to make cheese. They don’t have to die to make dairy products. And if those animals could talk, they’d probably tell you that refrigeration keeps dairy products from getting “gross.” We thought that was common knowledge, but apparently we were wrong.

Suck it, PETA.

That’s now nature works, PETA.

Straight into our esophagi.

They already didn’t take PETA seriously, but we get the point.