Ricky Gervais took a risk when he got onstage at the Golden Globes and roasted Hollywood’s sacred cows right in front of them. These days, it’s tough to go up against the Hollywood machine and live to tell the tale, but Gervais is faring pretty well. Despite getting criticized by media scolds, Gervais hasn’t apologized for doing nothing wrong, which only makes his defenders respect him more.

In the Wokeness Wars, comedians (with some exceptions, of course) have been among the only group of celebrities refusing to cower before the P.C. Police. Chris d’Elia is one of them. He recently shared his thoughts on Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes performance as well as on self-righteous celebrities who think Americans hang on every word of what they believe is sharp political analysis. The language is harsh, but people who are fed up with being lectured at by self-righteous and out-of-touch media and celebrities will appreciate what d’Elia has to say:

For what it’s worth, Ricky Gervais approves of d’Elia’s message:

And he’s not the only one.



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