Given the absolute clusterfest that the Democratic Party has become, particularly over the last year or so, you’d think some of them might actually kind of understand that they just suck. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has never really struck us as especially perceptive, so it’s no surprise that she’s counting on Republicans to see the light and vote for Democrats this fall:

That might fly with the Tom Nicholses, Jennifer Rubins, and Max Boots of America, but most Republicans and conservatives understand that Democrats don’t have our best interests in mind. Even conservative Trump critics (the non-deranged ones) see the danger posed by the Democratic Party and its increasingly powerful far-Left contingent. The Democratic Party is certainly not the answer, unless the question is “How can we make things infinitely worse?”

That scenario is actually more likely.

No doubt there’s lots more where that tweeter came from.

Also pretty bold of Socialist Barbie AOC to try to suggest that she’s an enemy of authoritarianism. She’s a reliable advocate — and apologist — for far-Left authoritarianism.

Who knew? AOC’s actually pretty rich after all.